Important Social Media Marketing Questions You Need To Ask

What is the key ingredient if you want to have an effective social media following? You guessed it:  STRATEGY! Why? Because there’s more to social media than just posting beautiful pictures of you sun bathing on a beach in Florida. Without proper knowledge of your goals, target audience, creativity and trends, it is very difficult to reach the desired results on social media. So, Bringing In The Green is giving you the top 5 questions you need to ask to build a perfect social media marketing strategy. Let’s go! Why do you even want to be on Social Media? Activity without purpose is the drain of your life.…

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Bringing In The Green Press Release

Helping Businesses Grow, An Idea at a Time: New Marketing & Sales Consulting Company Grand Opens in Lexington, Kentucky August 1, 2018, Lexington, KY – Twenty + year sales and marketing professional Debbie Green has announced the grand opening of a unique sales and marketing services company in Lexington, Kentucky, Bringing In The Green, LLC. Bringing In The Green, LLC, while a play on words representing growth, revenue and tongue-in-cheek for the founder’s last name, is serious about doing just that. Bringing increased awareness, engagement, relevance, and ultimately, increased revenue for small to medium-sized local or regional businesses that turns “green” in the bank. Green, whose last role was…